Experience your life in a way that has never been shown to you before

How we are introduced to life and how our early formative years are impacted by our parents, teachers, peers and the environment we are born into has a profound effect on our lives. It is then that our perception of ‘reality’ is interpreted and forged, a kind of sculpting function, constructing our core beliefs, our thoughts, our behaviours and the resulting life experiences we encounter. 

Only when we identify and interrupt the negative patterns of behaviour instilled within us - especially of feeling unloved and unlovable - do we finally discover the freedom of who we truly are; allowing for a more compassionate, more consciously aware, and more empowered expression of our own unique individuality.

The ultimate purpose of Be aware Be alive is to assist you to be free and to live a more fulfilling expression of your own Self.



All of our conferences, retreats and events teach you more about yourself and your relationship to others. You will begin to understand the roots of your emotions so that you may respond to life's inevitable ups and downs with far greater confidence and equilibrium. You will begin to open the way to new waves of creativity and to a richer, fuller life.


People from all over the world are beginning to benefit from the new life-changing book, Addiction Unplugged: How to be Free and it is easy to see why. While this book was primarily written for those affected by their addictions, as well as those affected by the addictions of their loved ones, it truly is a book for EVERYONE.


There will be certain times you may wish to avail of Personal Sessions with us. When you do, we will provide you with a highly individualised way of addressing whatever is holding you back in life or making you feel stuck. As you become more consciously aware, you become alive! You unfold the full potential of life and your purpose in it.


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