Addiction Unplugged  : How to be Free, English, 2014

Addiction Unplugged : How to be Free, English, 2014

Der Sucht den Stecker ziehen   - und frei sein , 2018  

Der Sucht den Stecker ziehen - und frei sein, 2018  

Dependente Dezradaicnate  : Cum Sa Fii Liber, Romanian, 2016

Dependente Dezradaicnate : Cum Sa Fii Liber, Romanian, 2016

Más allá de las adicciones :   Para aquellos que buscan la auténtica libertad, Spanish, 2016

Más allá de las adicciones: Para aquellos que buscan la auténtica libertad, Spanish, 2016

Bez Uzależnień :  Dla tych, którzy szukają prawdziwej wolności, Polish, 2016                            

Bez Uzależnień : Dla tych, którzy szukają prawdziwej wolności, Polish, 2016                            

Guilt Unplugged:           Waking up from the lie we live, English, 2017                                            

Guilt Unplugged:          Waking up from the lie we live, English, 2017                                            

Wolni od Winy , Polish, 2018                                                      

Wolni od Winy, Polish, 2018



Author Reviews

In his life work, and now in this succinct and elegant book, John Flaherty brings us home to who we really are, the pure self underneath our beliefs, emotions, behaviours and addictions. In that authentic and powerful place we find liberation
— Gabor Maté M.D., Author, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction
In this revolutionary approach to understanding addiction, John Flaherty clearly shows us the path to a deeper healing. This book is a gift of hope, both to those struggling with addiction and to their families. Flaherty urges us to stop identifying with either addiction or recovery, and instead to move beyond both into a greater understanding of who we are on a spiritual level
— Dr Laura Markham, Author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting
Addiction Unplugged is a breakthrough new concept about the nature of addictions and how to move beyond their seduction. An insightful and brilliant work that goes far beyond any current addiction behavior program
— Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, Authors of Act of Consciousness : How your reality is created, and how you can change it
I love this book. John Flaherty is a brilliant guide and a compassionate healer. Addiction Unplugged is a powerful, well-written, consciousness-based tool that will help the reader eliminate non-nourishing behaviors and cultivate more life-affirming ones
— davidji, Vedic Master & Author of Secrets of Meditation
John Flaherty has written a fascinating book that will inspire anyone wanting to be free of addiction. He uses a spiritual, yet practical approach, illustrating his methods with real life stories of people he has helped achieve freedom
— Peter Mt. Shasta, Author of Adventures of a Western Mystic: Apprentice to the Masters
John, we send our love and all blessings to you in your work and for your inspiring book. May you and your writings continue to transform the lives of many people
— Deva Premal and Miten, Sacred Chant Musicians, introducing millions in the West to the power of ancient Sanskrit mantras
... very inspiring ... very uplifting ... very sensitively written. This book will be helpful to all those troubled by addictions
— Suzi Quatro, British-based American singer-songwriter, bass guitar player and actress
I know this book will be of great service to many! John Flaherty is a fascinating gift - and much more - to those who suffer from the self indulgence of addiction and those who want to learn how to help others who are suffering
— Isaac Tigrett, Founder of Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues

Reader Reviews

I think this book saved my life.

A year and half ago, John started me on a journey back to myself and the “truth of who I really am” and I am forever grateful! I don’t think that there is anyone out there in the Addictions field with John’s deep understanding of the human experience and addictions. Language has created our world and creates our experience, this is so profound and so not understood or talked about in the lives of everyday ordinary human beings. The current way of treating addictions is to declare you are a recovering addict and the power of declaring is that you then become, “a recovering addict”. What if instead you declared yourself to be an extraordinary human being living an extraordinary life and also someone who previously related to things in an addictive way? Behind the words that we speak are thoughts and beliefs that shape our actions and to quote John “you cannot not create, do you want to create chaos or magnificence?” Addiction Unplugged is a must read for every human being because it will give you access to creating the life you want to have and to being fully alive. It’s so simple, “what you say is what you are”. Change your beliefs and thoughts and your actions will follow. John’s ideas will be very accessible to the Western mind that is trying to train itself, the premise is simple and, we have a lifetime of beliefs and thoughts to change so it’s going to require some effort, what will you do?

Thanks John!!! love Roxanne
— Roxanne (Canada)
Out of jail at last!

I spent 5 years in prison for crimes I committed when I was a wayward hot headed young guy, but I have spent many more years than those feeling remorse and guilt for my actions. Reading ‘Guilt Unplugged’ has been a blessing and I am truly thankful for it. I am now at peace with myself.
— Jeff (Great Britain)
5.0 out of 5 stars : If you have tried everything and nothing has changed - Buy This Book !
By an inspired and thankful mum

Hard to know where to start but I believe this book and its Author John Flaherty has changed the course of our family’s life. My son had used heroin for over 10 years and was firmly in its destructive grip. Despite continuous efforts to stop using he finally admitted that he needed serious help and went into a residential Rehab Programme. During his stay he got round to reading John’s book which I had bought him a few months before, along with many others, in an attempt to gain insight into how to help him become free of his addiction. The book made sense to him in a way that nothing had before. He read and re-read this book during the time he was away and started to believe in himself again.

Each member of our family then read this book and started to realise that in order for my son to start getting over his addiction it was necessary for us ALL to look at the way we dealt with stuff. As a result, we have all begun to use the wisdom in this book to make changes. After Rehab, my son got in touch with John and has been having regular mentoring sessions with him. This has lead onto the whole family having sessions based on the teachings in his book, along with the expert input from John’s wife, Anne Louise. We were all prepared to look at how our own behaviours had impacted on my son. We started to identify our own individual patterns of behaviour (however well meaning) and began to find ways of bringing change into our lives. The process has been painful at times but mainly uplifting as we are all letting go of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we had each held as “truths”.

John has a truly wonderful way of helping a person remember who they really are! His straightforward text is easy to read and understand. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity! Bringing its teachings into our lives has truly helped us all and enabled us for the first time in many, many years to see a healthy, happy way forward, free from addiction, both the obvious (heroin) but also more subtle addictions that we used to think could not be changed; over-working, negative thinking over-providing, over reacting etc! I truly hope that anyone out there who has been affected by their own or a loved ones addiction buys this book and begins to “see” again and finds peace from the pain and hope for the future. Thank You John and Anne Louise.
— Debbie (Great Britain)
‘Guilt Unplugged’ knocked me out with its clarity about the nature of guilt and how to deal with it.
This book is brutally clear about the nature of guilt and how it profoundly influences our lives. The insidious programming by religions, culture etc ensures that we become convinced we cannot do without it. But we CAN, and John is an excellent guide in how to do it. Step by step and with a well designed tiered structure of understanding he knocked me out with ruthless clarity. Chapter five is especially confronting. But it is from the heart, and that is tangible on every page. John is compassionate in his wisdom. Technically, the book is well written, without wooly language. For me as a second language English speaker it is easy to understand. And that is a huge accomplishment, given the fact that he is one of few people to address the subject this head on.
— Melvin Goudbeek (Netherlands)
‘Guilt Unplugged’ has truly transformed my emotional body and Mind. This practical book flushes out all energy blockages within the body/mind related to guilt and makes you feel transformed. The Author’s presentation is very simple but profound and very heart touching with high Divine intelligence in it. I recommend everyone to experience this book without a second thought. My loving gratitude to Mr.John Flaherty for serving humanity as he has, so that all may discover full freedom. For me, this writer is truly a different Soul. A being who came to this planet to assist those who are in pain. Thank you for healing me of mine.
— Veena Shiggavankar (India)
I got loads from ‘Addiction Unplugged’ and felt great after reading it. I’ve also been in touch with the author and he has been a fantastic help to me (life saver). I’ve been dependent on prescribed medication and alcohol for almost 12 years. Misery and spoiled relationships for more than a decade. For the first time ever I at last feel free. Soooo grateful!
— Daisy Bradshaw (New Zealand)
‘Addiction Unplugged’ has freed me from poisonous thought and the path of self destruction I was on for many years. If you’re stuck in the darkness of addiction there’s no other man who I think could help you more than John Flaherty. The light is closer than you think and this book could certainly be your match.
— Dorian Netolicky (Canada)
The author goes from chapter to chapter introducing readers to some of the key laws that could change everything; things about your addictions and things about your life. The book is interesting and has been written in nice easy understandable language. It is a useful tool for professionals working with addictions as well as for people struggling with addictions.
— Tatiana Tsarouk (Russia)
‘Guilt Unplugged’ is a book about guilt that will make you feel great. It made me feel great as I read it, and I still do. I have been pained with guilt for as long as I can remember and this book has finally interrupted the endless nightmare of shameful thoughts that plagued me. It has become my closest friend. This writer really understands and I know it will be a joy and a comfort to anyone else who has endured guilt and the shame that comes with it.
— Julie Hastings (USA)
This book is a must read for everyone seeking freedom. It’s refreshing to read a work that presents solutions within everyone’s reach. John Flaherty brings us out of the slow progress addiction treatment system and into a realm to free our own shackles that made our dependence seem so real. Thanks to Addiction Unplugged: How to Be Free; we can all experience unlimited potential to shine as bright as the sun. This book is a worthy companion for any addict wanting to thrive into a new life without chemicals. If you or a loved one are having trouble with addiction to alcohol or chemicals then get your addiction “unplugged”
— Johnny Delirious - Master Survivor ™ Author, Hepatitis C: CURED
‘Addiction Unplugged’ helps you to love yourself again. There is a lot of wisdom contained here bringing new perspectives to addiction. I nearly joined a support group and realised, if I work with the principles in the book, all the guidance that I need is there. A gem of a book. I am truly grateful. John’s compassion shines through and its not a book loaded with ‘you shoulds’ etc.
— Estelle Cainey (USA)
Through the guidance of John Flaherty and his life changing book ‘Addiction Unplugged’ my life now belongs to me again. It was life changing in so many ways for me. No words can express my transformation. Feeling tears of joy, laughing and crying, a sense of overwhelming release.
— Benjamin Shimwell (USA)
I was a little reluctant to begin reading John Flaherty’s new book, ‘Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free’. I was expecting another quasi-academic treatise into the therapy and practice of addiction treatment and to be quite honest due to recent experience, I had had my fill of those. How wrong can you be?

Instead, by reading Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free, I have undergone an amazing experiential journey into change. My change.

The book brings the reader face to face with critical life issues and then provides solutions to overcome the challenges. I highly recommend it as an essential read for everybody addict or non-addict, therapist or non-therapist.
— Alister Bredee (Thailand)
As a counsellor with my own private practice I highly recommend ‘Addiction Unplugged’ and know it will help you transcend the toxic limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.This book is a must read for anyone seeking clarity, freedom and hope. John is a beacon of light shining the way out of darkness. His message is a gentle invitation and a roadmap to return to life.
— Jessica Hughes (Canada)
If you are considering purchasing this book - then do. You won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t.
The information John shares on each page is truthful and touches the heart and soul deeply. I really loved all the insights shared and I savoured each paragraph. The real-life cases at the end of the chapters brought everything together for me too. I could completely relate to the accounts which mirrored some of my own personal life-experiences.I was actually sad when I finished reading Addiction Unplugged. I patiently await Volume Two!
— Michelle Hardwick (Ireland)
I actually bought ‘Addiction Unplugged’ because I thought it would help me better understand someone I cared about who had a form of addiction, and the book certainly did that. But even more surprising was that it shone a light on my own more subtle addictions which I wasn’t really aware of. I was able to recognise the gift of the message in this book for myself. It gave me the insight to set myself free from some of my own thoughts and behaviours which were holding me back. A highly recommended read for anyone who is ready to reclaim their personal power.
— Deb Perry (Great Britain)