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Would you offer me some advice on a personal question, or can I arrange a personal 1:1 session with you?

Personal mentoring sessions via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime can be scheduled with John or Anne Louise. Please enquire regarding availability.

Will you present a lecture, keynote, or seminar for my organisation?

Please contact us and let us know as much as you can about the kind of programme you would like to sponsor, and we can discuss possibilities.

Will you be a guest on my radio, television show or podcast? 

Depending on our schedule we are always happy to do some interviews or present on teleseminars. Please enquire.

Can I reprint a quote from one of John’s books in my newsletter, book, website, or other printed material?

You have John’s permission to reprint any short quotes from his books. We simply ask that you note John’s name as the author and include our website address 

 How can I get a free book as part of your prisoner support project?

We are happy to help prisoners progress on their spiritual journey. See the Free Books for Prisoners page for details.