Connect with us from anywhere, anytime

1:1 mentoring sessions offer a person a portal to resolution. Available to everyone, wherever you live. 

All sessions are provided online by arrangement, using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Sessions take place from the comfort of your own home, office, or from any location you feel is most private.

The Cost for each 60 minute session is: £65 or US$86 or €75

Saving of £25 for 5 prepaid sessions and saving of £65 for 10 prepaid sessions. Payable in advance.


Moving you beyond life's challenges: The Metanoia Process

When you don't think you have the answers but when you really feel ready to make changes to your life situation and are not sure where on earth to begin, it's time to take a good look and, maybe a new look, at the way you see the world. A personal session with Be aware . Be alive is an opportunity to receive 1:1 mentoring with John or Anne Louise Flaherty by Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

The Metanoia Process is not a therapy. It is not counselling. It is not a technique for processing wounds or dilemmas from the past.

Each personal mentoring session assists you to access your own inner wisdom and truth, which is already bubbling up within you, and is just longing to be expressed. 

Sessions are highly individualised, non-judgmental and transformative, gently opening the way to new possibilities. They are designed to closely and compassionately mentor you through areas in your life where you feel stuck. 

• You will receive a reply from us within 48 hours with the opportunity to schedule an appointment with one of us.

• Your commitment to sessions can be as ongoing and as regular as you require them. You pay only for each personal session as agreed. There are no additional extras.

• You can be assured that online-mentoring is as effective as meeting face-to-face and it means you can access us from wherever you are in the world.

“For far too long, we have all been playing out a victim consciousness, convincing ourselves that dependency and powerlessness are absolutely fundamental to the human condition. Nowhere is this belief more deeply ingrained than in the “world” of addiction and in the traditional treatment and recovery programmes available to the masses ... If we do not embrace a new consciousness about addiction, then the old consciousness will simply create more fear, disruption, victimhood and dis-satisfaction on the planet. Ultimately, every one of us begins to teach this new consciousness by living it ourselves, bringing transcendence into daily life, hope to those who have often felt hopeless, and empowerment to those who feel powerless. It is an evolutionary leap forward and I invite YOU to make that leap with me ... NOW.”
— John Flaherty

Moving you beyond addictions and dependencies

Personal Sessions can also be arranged by those affected by addictions and dependencies, as well those affected by the addictions of their love ones. 

If you have been in long term ‘recovery’, yet have deeply been desiring more from life than you are currently experiencing, it will be our privilege to assist you to move beyond the frustration of those limitations. 

If you are the loved one of a person struggling with their addictions, we will assist you to shed more light and healing on the situation. 

When we feel powerless, we make powerless choices. When we feel empowered, we are in a position to make empowered choices and every choice we make begins with us first referring to our inner sense of power.

Personal Sessions assist you to find an inner dialogue with your spirit, so you may proceed from that point, taking control of all that may otherwise threaten to command and overwhelm your life.